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"Michiru!" Setsuna called out with a cheerful smile, one she mainly reserved for those particularly close to her.

"I have got to show you the dress I made."

■ ♆ ✒
           Upon hearing her name, curious hues trailed towards the familiar voice of her
               friend, though her hand continued to move, not daring to allow her pen to leave
               her sketch book. ❝You must have a lot of inspiration, Setsuna.❞ A smirk
               began to form against her rosy lips. ❝You’re normally never finished with your
               designs this promptly.

               The female placed her pen into the crease of her book, marking the page
               before setting it down. Rising from her spot, Michiru approached her friend,
               giving the other a questioning glance as she spoke. ❝Are you going to model
               it for me, or is that going to be my job?